Yasil Nigth Shift


In this Project I explain basic function how to handle and design multiple parts of an MMO style game. We work with the lined up programs and tools.

Unity 5 - Game Engine

MySQL - Database

MySQL - Workbench

Dark Rift - free Asset

Uma - free Asset

All Scripts are explained in the Videos. Sign up at Patreon for easy access to the code.


ItemEditor (4,0 KiB, 558 hits)


Updated GameTime Plugin (237,8 KiB, 809 hits)

Spawn ITEM Plugin Base (223,2 KiB, 593 hits)

Slot Background (91,9 KiB, 616 hits)

NEW UMABuilder Script (3,1 KiB, 970 hits)

Animations (27,0 MiB, 760 hits)

Basic Animation Demo Files

MySQLConnector (773,8 KiB, 1.489 hits)

Cleaned Pack, Orginal and Copyrigth at https://github.com/JamJar00/DarkRift-MySQLConnector

User Interface (726,8 KiB, 828 hits)

User Interface Images 2

User Interface (59,8 KiB, 1.000 hits)

User Interface 1